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New wiper release

2023-02-10 05:02:31

In order to create a perfect scraping experience and the ultimate high-definition vision, Youtuo launched a new multifunctional wiper mx5.

1.The connector is newly designed, and the overall height of wiper is further reduced,Reduce wind resistance, beautiful and stable,POM multi-functional adaper with stronger durable and weatherability, easy to install.

2.According to the optimized design of existing products, more models can be fited with the least adapers. Only two adapters can fit for 95% of cars and other expansion adapters can fit for 99.8% of cars.

3.Wiper spoiler with Aerodynamic design , redce the wind resistance maximum and also keep proper pressure on windshield, to have the best wiping performance.


4.The self-developed and produced natural rubber wiper strip with high and low temperature resistance: -40 ~ 80 ℃, ozone resistance: 50pphm * 40 ℃ * 20% elongation * 72h.

5.TEFLON coating on the rubber refills surface, ensure the wiping more smoothly and quietly,with the superior performance and durability after step by step test and verification.