What's your company's available production capacity?

Our factory covers an area of about 20000 square meters, 6 workshops, an area of about 13000 square meters and 150 employees. We can supply 40000 wiper products to our customers every day, with sufficient production capacity. Maybe you have a question



What are your payment terms?

We can understand that your business needs cash flow, so we can accept 30% deposit before you receive PI or we start production. After receiving your deposit, we start to prepare the raw materials and arrange the order to enter the production line. After the production of the product is finished, you arrange the remaining 70% balance. After all payment is made, we will book your class and arrange delivery.



What's your quality control system?

We have dedicated quality supervisors to control each production line and all wipers are tested before being delivered to you. Quality control is very important to ensure product quality. From raw materials to finished products, if there is no perfect quality control system, each link may lead to product quality problems. Our quality inspection department is divided into three types of positions: IQC (Incoming quality control) , FQC (Final quality control), OQC (Outgoing quality control). Purchasing department orders raw materials, and IQC needs to conduct random inspection of raw materials. If the pass rate of random inspection fails to meet the company's standard, the whole batch of goods will be returned to the supplier. After the mass production is completed, FQC will conduct random inspection on the finished products. If the pass rate of random inspection does not meet the company's standard, a full inspection of the entire batch of products is required. When the goods are ready to be shipped, OQC will conduct a random inspection of the products that are about to be shipped. Quality is guaranteed, don't worry about quality problems.



How is your delivery time?

It takes 10 to 15 days after receiving your advance payment usually. The exact delivery time depends on the item and quantity of your order. In order to ensure the quality of our products, we need to control the quality in all aspects. So please give us enough time and have proper stock ready, don't wait until the wipers are almost sold out before placing an order with us. We are happy to support your business, but we need sufficient production time and testing time. For each batch of bulk product, we take some samples from the bulk product and pass 50,000 wipe tests to ensure the product meets quality standards.



Are you a wiper blade manufacturer or a trading company?

Are you a wiper blade manufacturer or a trading company? Yes of course. We are a professional car wiper manufacturer with competitive prices and guaranteed quality. Professional people do professional work, we only produce wiper blades, not other auto parts. We are not a trading company that integrates various auto parts.



Do you have stock? Can you ship immediately if I order?

Sorry, in order to guarantee the wiper quality, we do not have stock. After we confirm all your order details, we start to prepare the raw materials and arrange the order to the production line, so we need some time to produce. Please let us know in advance if you have any order plans. We are not like other factories, maybe they can give you immediate shipment, but you never know how long the products has been in the warehouse.



How is your delivery time?

Under normal circumstances, the off-season is about 15 working days, and the peak season is about 20-30 working days (usually from September to December). The exact delivery time depends on the item and quantity you ordered. We will try our best to deliver your order as soon as possible. And please feel free to let us know if your order is in a hurry.



What is your normal order MOQ and OEM order MOQ?

We don't require you to have a lot of stock, as long as you maintain a reasonable level of stock and don't run out of stock. It takes some time to place an order for production and shipping, usually 1000 pieces of each type (sizes can be mixed). But based on cost consideration, if you want to customize with your own brand, we require at least 6000 pieces per order. Our prices are competitive at the same level of quality, and we also hope that your prices will be competitive in your market. And we also support taking samples.